At the inaugural Racers Grand Prix in 2016, the media were treated to first class event management result monitors.

Two years on, the organisers have gone one step further and will introduce more state-of-the-art equipment.

Racers Track Club Director Dennis Gordon, who is in charge of promotion and communication for the third staging of the grand prix meet, told the Jamaica Observer, that meet organisers don’t intend to drop their “high standard”.

“The standard is established and we are not going to undermine the standard. We are partnering with World Athletics, who have invested in some state-of-the-art equipment that will be on show,” said Gordon, as preparation kicks into high gear for the June 9 spectacle inside National Stadium.

“So we are going to move away from the traditional one camera to a two camera and a backup camera system,” he pointed out.

He continued: “We are moving away from wire to wireless start… wireless reaction time, because the controversy sometimes surrounding false starts… it is something that the patrons and the customers and your fans don’t understand.”

Over the years at Jamaican athletics events, there have been debates and controversies pertaining to false starts, ending with a lack of trust for the officials and their credibility.

“We want to ensure that when there is a false start [we] show the reason why it is not a false start but a faulty start, or to underpin why it is a false start — because persons have left the stadium time and time over feeling aggrieved that the starting crew did not do justice and we want to minimise that because it can impact the support… it can impact your credibility, and we trying to fix that,” Gordon emphasised.

Gordon said the event management result monitors used on the international stage for accredited journalists will be available once again at the stadium.

“At Racers we believe that the media is our number one partner, followed by our sponsors, followed by the athletes, and then your fans,” said Gordon.

“It is in that order because if you don’t have the media then you can’t promote your meet. If you don’t promote your meet it makes no sense you have the star athlete, because nobody will come.

“If you don’t have the sponsor you won’t be able to put on your meet. So we identify those as critical areas and we ensure that we are in constant dialogue with all organs of the organisation to ensure the net result that you see,” Gordon reiterated.

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